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Time to Bet with Pointsbet the Best Bookmaker-Join & Get Pointsbet Free Bet

Australia’s punters have started experiencing the best betting experience, and this is courtesy of Pointsbet a new and most exciting bookmaker in the Australian market. Launched earlier in 2017, this is a bookmaker that has seen rapid growth, and this is courtesy of the exciting features they offer to the punters. A unique feature is the Spread Betting which is common in Europe, and therefore the Australian punter can have an experience of it. Continue reading to find out more about spread betting and Pointsbet free bet.

Led by experienced betting industry professionals, Sam as the CEO and Andrew Fahey as the COO, Pointsbet is ready to take over the betting industry, and this is shown by the rapid increase in a number of new punters signing up every day on their website.  The CEO Tom and Andrew, have both worked at and the support they receive from Mike Symons, places the bookmaker at a competitive edge since these have extensive experience in matters regarding betting.

Spread Betting

This is a concept that continues to gain popularity in Australia, and this started after the launch of Points bet. This is a unique betting method that is very different from what the punters in Australia have been used to. There are no fixed odds in this betting, and therefore you have an opportunity to enjoy a different concept when it comes to race betting. The odds are presented as the respective amounts that you can win or lose a good illustration of this would be given using the AFL game.

If Carlton Blues winning is set at -21 points, you could feel that he will win by more than that, you bet on Carlton and place $1 stake on the bet, for each point he wins you will win the points multiplied by the stake you placed. So if he is to win by 31, and you placed a bet of $1 in stake, then you will have won yourself $10. If he loses the game, you will lose the $21, but if he loses with -15 points, then you will incur a loss of only $6. Therefore this is a nice betting concept, and it has attracted many punters.

Points bet Free Bet

Not only does Pointsbet offer a unique betting experience, but the punters also have an opportunity to make a fortune through the Pointsbet free bet. This applies every time a new punter signs up on the Pointsbet betting platform. A new punter is eligible for up to $1000 Pointsbet free bet whenever they signup and deposit some cash into the account. On your initial deposit, Pointsbet free bet of up to 25% is awarded to new punters. This is an amazing bonus you will not find anywhere else with the bookmakers of Pointsbet class.

So with the spread betting and the pointsbet freebet, these are great opportunities for the punters to make more money from betting. So join now and enjoy these exciting offers from Pointsbet free bet to a unique betting experience.

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