Get all your Free Bet Bonuses in ONE PLACE Free Bet Review is the most famous bookmaker in Australia, with many people trusting it due to its live streaming options and its venues offering in-betting options. Still, not many trust the site for its offers. As you will see in this review, the current free bet options are non-existent, which can be really off-putting to some. So even though this is a decent website with high-quality services and a modern interface, the lack of free bet to newcomers is an obstacle. Free Bet Options

When you want to sign up to, everything runs smoothly. In a few minutes, you have completed the process without any problem getting in the way. This is a good thing, of course. But it does not change the fact that there are no free bet options currently available for new players.

Especially when you think of the competition, this is truly a shame. In many cases, they even double the money that you deposit, and this is a wonderful motivation to consider. If a player does not know which website to use for online betting, the free bonus will outweigh the lack of bonuses. So you can clearly see why the lack of free bet options is harmful to the company’s reputation.

Even though, as pointed out above, there is no such thing as free bet, TAB Rewards is a program that offers players rewards with every single bet. Nevertheless, this is considered as a loyalty program. The players that have been around for a long time are definitely rewarded through this innovative program.

Even though this is a step towards the right direction, it cannot compensate for the free bet option. Although live streaming is of the finest quality standards and the odds are great, there is still something missing. Otherwise, TAB would be listed even higher in the Australian market of betting online.

Bottom Line

TAB is arguably the biggest bookmaker in Australia. The fact that there are venues for you to indulge in in-betting has added to that. In addition, its live streaming options are absolutely superb. Still, nobody can get over the non-existent free bet offers available on their website.

You will be impressed by their website layout and the variety of options on offer, as well as the live streaming features. The odds are great, and there are some seasonal offers available for players to benefit from. But new players do not take advantage of any special offer as to extra credit or free bet.

Although they do not have free bet, they offer TAB Rewards. This is a program that shows appreciation to loyal players. Of course, with every single bet the player receives points and these points can be redeemed in multiple ways. One of these ways is free bet options. Even then, this does not seem to be enough for TAB to be kept competitive among so many generous free bet options out there!

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