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Full Review of Unibet Free Bet

The Unibet is the biggest Swedish-owned betting agency located in Europe. It is an expert bookmaker that is respected in the industry. During the past few years, the country has undergone a massive development, and it is currently one of the leading bookmakers in Europe. As of today, they are the largest bookmaker in Europe that caters to 15.8 million account holders in various parts of the globe. The Unibet Free Bet delivers a wide range of gambling products.

A Detailed Look at the Features of Unibet Free Bet

The customer base of the Unibet Free Bet spans in over 100 countries. It is licensed by Malta’s gaming authority which ensures its account holders that they are following the standard of the agency. Here is an in-depth look at the level of service they provide.

Customer Service

The customer service that Unibet Free Bet delivers is offered in multiple languages. You may send them message through their e-mail account. With regards to their e-mail support system, we can frankly say that it is not as fast as the other bookmaking agency. Fortunately, they have a detailed section for the FAQ which the beginners will find helpful. They also do not have phone support which affects the entire experience.

You may send them message using various language including but not limited to Romanian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and English. There is a weekly schedule when a particular language is available. The Unibet Free Bet is also available 24/7.

Withdrawal and Deposit Method

You can deposit fund in your account in 13 different currencies. The Unibet Free Bet can also be received in your preferred currency. You may deposit funds in your account using major debit and credit cards. Currently, withdrawal of funds can only be conducted using Skrill, bank account, and Neteller. Compared to other bookmaking agency, withdrawing funds is free from any charges. You will be able to receive the funds in as little as 12 hours with Skrill. It takes at least 3 office days before the funds will be transferred to your account.

The payment option of the Unibet Free Bet is highly secured. You can only withdraw your funds using the bank account that you used to deposit. The banking system will depend upon your country. The punters that are based in Eastern part of the Europe may only be restricted to bank wires. They also make sure that all the accounts of the member are verified. This will guarantee that the withdrawal of funds will be seamless.

The Unibet Free Bet has an amazing level of reliability. They offer quality service that leads to a high customer satisfaction. They have a high online reputation and credibility. In fact, it would be fairly impossible to find a customer complaint about them over the internet. They also offer one of the best odds on the betting industry. They are recognised by the different award-giving bodies, and their excellent products are constantly distinguished by different authorities.

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